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Fix Space Gap in Google+ Twitter Social Buttons with CSS

Social sharing button from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and such is a great way to broadcast your content and message through viral user networks. But these social sharing buttons come with different visual design, sizes, layouts, programming languages, etc. Often you will run into issue to consolidate and integrate them together seamlessly into your overall website [...]

How to Make Awesome Facebook Fan Page in 10 Steps – Part 2

Previous Post:  How to Make Awesome Facebook Fan Page in 10 Steps – Part 1 Step 6: Create Page Header Section Header Picture – Upload your profile picture and cover photo from Step 2 and 3 to the business page Page Info – Enter your complete page information under Edit Page -> Update Info. Most [...]

How to Make Awesome Facebook Fan Page in 10 Steps – Part 1

Creating an awesome Facebook business fan page is a must nowadays to cultivate your online communities, participation, retention, traffic, lead generation, and ultimately revenue impact. What are the key elements and consideration in the design process? How to make it applicable to my business? and so forth. We have received many inquiries from our audience about [...]

Google+ Branding with Custom Vanity URL Rollout

The History For a little less than a year since Google officially launched its social network, Google+ users had to bear with the long and many consider hard to memorize profile or page URLs featured by a 21-digit all-numeric ID sub-directory looking like this: Google+ Custom Vanity URLs Roll-out This week Google finally made [...]

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