How to Make Awesome Facebook Fan Page in 10 Steps – Part 1

Creating an awesome Facebook business fan page is a must nowadays to cultivate your online communities, participation, retention, traffic, lead generation, and ultimately revenue impact. What are the key elements and consideration in the design process? How to make it applicable to my business? and so forth.

We have received many inquiries from our audience about how to design and set up a great page like Blueurl Facebook page. So we decide to write a how-to blog post to share with you the design best practices step-by-step. We’ll update this article as needed in the future as the technology and business process evolve (they always do).

Step 1: Prepare Your Brand Personality & Style

While most of articles online focusing on the technical details, we think a killer Facebook page implementation starts with your brand personality, what your business represents and how you would like your brand to be viewed by audience, just like people. This is more of an art and business than science and technology. And a business should have a very distinct brand personality in order to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t, you might want to really spend some time now thinking through it before starting to build your business. Here is our case study below to jump start your thinking:

“We define ourselves as the newest breed of cloud commerce application provider targeting at young, entrepreneurial, and business-savvy audience segment – men or women. We can sum up our brand personality in 3 words: Stylish, Collaborative, and Lifehacking. It is a cool blend of stylishness, openness, with geekiness in its soul.”

Our Advice: Think creatively and heartily about your goal and passion against the brand your are creating.

Step 2: Design Brand Logo, Slogan, Typography, and Colors

Taking the brand personality from above, we can then start the design for the key brand assets. They are all very important pre-work to define your brand image to the public. The small investment and time here will be rewarded big time later on. Switching and retroactively-fixing your brand design and message is VERY painful and costly from our experience.

  • Logo - this is probably the single most important branding piece you can get. Many large enterprise update their log design from time-to-time to meet their new business model and branding need, as demonstrated by Microsoft’s Logo Re-design recently. Use no more than 3 colors in most cases.
  • Profile Picture – Facebook’s default profile picture size is 160 x 160 px. Try to create a picture at exactly or larger than that size for upload. Never upload a profile picture with size smaller than 160 x 160 px.
  • Avatar – Facebook use the same profile picture for avatar. Make sure you select a profile picture which can be recognized in the Avatar size. Usually a vector-based art is way better than a photo with “noisy” details here for both viewing and branding purpose.
  • Slogan – Pick a short slogan to quickly summarize your business model or selling point. Being concise, creative, and to-the-point is the key here.
  • Typography – This is another killer element which can grab visitor’s eyeball. As a rule of thumb, each website should have at least 1 main typography and 1 decorative typography with 3 weight options each. Thanks to the open-source initiative, there are now hundreds of free fonts you can choose from, Goolge Web Fonts, etc.
  • Colors – A solid and consistent color system lays the foundation to the overall brand visual language. Just like people, your choice of colors directly reflects your brand personality. It is a silent language as we call it. Whether you go with mono, blue, red, or orange palette, you should make sure they are used consistently across your main website and marketing channels. Usually no more than 4 core colors should be used. And white should always be one of them.

Our Advice: Spend a little more time here coming up with an excellent design yourself or hiring a superb brand designer rather than rushing into building the actual marketing portal.

Step 3: Prepare Graphic Assets

  • Cover Photo – Your default Facebook page header size is 851 x 315 px, sRGB JPEG < 100KB. We recommend that you create a picture at exactly this size to avoid any loss on details by Facebook uploader resizing. Pick the best quality picture with the finest details. Either a photo or vector art work here. Also the page header image should tell a story to your visitors within 5 seconds like an elevator pitch. Check out our Facebook Page header section for an example.
  • Post Images – Your specific post image may come from your own upload or 3rd-party websites if you share link from them. When you upload your own post image, your image will be shown across half of the Facebook timeline more than 300px wide. Therefore selecting a great-looking image to upload is crucial to grab people’s attention.

Our Advice: Always go with the best-quality graphics you can possibly create or get. It beats a thousand words. Cover photo is 100x more important than the others.

Step 4: Register Your Main Domain & Website

Now you are finally ready to build. First, you need to make sure you have a domain ( and commerce-enabled website registered to be the base for your Facebook channel.You need to be able to edit your web page HTML in order to integrate it with your Facebook page. The hosting package you acquired should include:

  • A Content-Generation and Publishing Platform – for authoring and publishing your blogs, articles, press releases, image gallery, infographics, videos, wikis, tutorials, classes, and RSS in a WYSIWYG environment to be shared with your Facebook pages and other marketing channels.
  • A Commerce-enable Transaction Platform – for landing your Facebook fan click-through onto an page they can take further actions to buy, subscribe, download, play, or learn from you.

Our Advice: You’ll get the best value by integrating your Facebook page auto-posting with an all-in-one marketing and eCommerce hosting service such as our BlueMarketing or BlueCommerce App.

Step 5: Create Facebook Account & Business Page

  • Facebook Account – You must have a personal Facebook account in order to create a business or brand page. Do not create a Facebook account with your business name and information as this is against the Facebook term of use and may get your account banned.
  • Facebook Business Page – Once you have a Facebook account, go to to create a business page. Select a page type say for example “Brand or Product” and your brand or product name.
  • Short URL & Username – Now here is important: For the very 1st business page you create under each Facebook account, the Brand or Product Name you entered will automatically become the short URL username (e.g. during page creation. For the 2nd page and beyond, your page URL will be the long version (e.g. You can only apply for the short URL at in the future when the page become eligible (usually when the page has more fans).
  • Multiple Page Managers – The Facebook account who created the business page become the default manager. You can add multiple co-managers to a single page under Edit Page ->Admin Roles.

Our Advice: Create different business page(s) under different Facebook account(s) with your preferred brand name(s) and reserve the short URL username. Identify one primary account and then add it to be the co-manager of all your business pages across multiple accounts for central management.

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