How to Make Awesome Facebook Fan Page in 10 Steps – Part 2

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Step 6: Create Page Header Section

  • Header Picture – Upload your profile picture and cover photo from Step 2 and 3 to the business page
  • Page Info – Enter your complete page information under Edit Page -> Update Info. Most importantly, put your brand name into “Name”, Slogan and short introduction into “About”, and website domain URL into “Website”.

Our Advice: You should include your full domain URL at the end the “About” field and it will turn into a clickable link in the header right after your slogan and introduction.

Step 7: Auto Content Posting from Publishing Platform

Now your page is up, you need to feed as much quality content to it as possible. One best way to start is to auto-post your content from your content publishing platform from Step 4 to your Facebook page(s). Some hosting platforms (e.g. Blueurl’s BlueMarketing Plan) have the feature of connecting with multiple personal social profiles and business pages for auto-posting contents from its publishing platform.

Our Advice: Handle 30-40% of your social posting this way to reduce the time spent on managing numerous postings across many of your social properties.

Step 8: Semi-Auto Content Posting from Social Software

Although auto-publishing is great for automating the content flow, do not rely solely on this method. Unique and personalized contents for each of your social channels would tailor you to a much broader audience from more market segments. There are many free and paid 3rd-party social management tools including TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic, Sprout Social, Argyle Social, and Sendible you can leverage to achieve that goal. You need to set up and authorize multiple account profiles with your social accounts and then manually trigger or schedule your next update to post at certain day/time to certain social accounts all at once.

Our Advice: Handle 40-50% of your social posting this way. It is a great balance between productivity and flexibility.

Step 9: Manual Content Posting on

There is no replacement to sharing content natively on Actually some features and tools such as Questions/Polls and Webcam Video are only available on the Facebook portal. You have the total control over how your content will show exactly on your business page and what engagement tools to use. Although Facebook do have a feature to connect and post your Facebook content for you to your Twitter account, we do not usually recommend it unless you will be using primarily your Facebook page as your authoritative content publishing platform for press release, blog, articles, etc. Otherwise, it is a much flexible option to host your own publishing platform so you can more easily integrate with Google and other social networks for SEO and social sharing.

Our Advice: Handle 20-30% of your social posting this way for adding unique engagement and personalized content to your page.

Step 10: Connect Your Facebook Page and Main Website

Lastly you want to cross link your Facebook page with your main website to convert interest to action and then to the next interest.

  • On Your Facebook Page – Link the relevant keywords from your page postings to their related call-to-action product landing web pages. Make your landing page informational and convincing to maximize the conversion rate. Use great images, infographics, videos, tables, lists, etc. to visualize and emphasis your message within 10 seconds. The same on-page SEO principal used for SERP click-through also applies here.
  • On Your Main Website – Create text or image links pointing to your Facebook page in your site header or footer section to drive traffic and search ranking back to your social presence. Also add the new Facebook Like (user sharing with all their contacts) and Send (user sharing with selected groups or friends) buttons to every web pages by generating and adding the HTML5 and Javascript code from the Like Plugin page.

Our Advice: Your main website and your social pages work like a tag team. Persistence, creativity, and collaboration are your best friends to lead you to your success!

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