Blueurl ServicesTM Cloud
Designed for e-businesses who need design or operation assistance
Need help from design experts? Run into blocking-issues? We got you covered with every service assistance you need to excel your e-business in this pre-packaged pay-as-you-go plan so you can leverage our best expertise with very little risk and investment. And all Blueurl self-service apps are included as well.
  • Branding Design Services
  • Website Design Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Issue Resolution Services
  • Operation Management Services
  • Search Marketing (SEO/SEM) Apps
  • Social Marketing Apps
  • Content Marketing Apps
  • Web Store
  • Integrated Web Marketplaces
  • Coupon Promotion Engine
  • Global Product Sourcing
  • World-Class Cloud Hosting
  • Email Marketing Apps
  • Affiliate Marketing Apps
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Branding Design Services
We help you create top value in brand message, font, color, graphical design
Website Design Services
We help you create awesome store & web design to WOW your customers
Data Migration Services
We help you bulk migrate product and blog data to us from other sources
Issue Resolution Services
We help you troubleshoot design & ops issues to get you back to business
Operation Services
We help you manage / streamline store & marketing operation via outsourcing Web Store
Create stylish shopping cart in minutes even with Pinterest waterfall template
Integrated e-Marketplaces
1-Click to list your store products on ebay/amazon/facebook marketplace
Coupon Promotion Engine
Create unlimited time-based (%|$) discount coupon offers to attract sale
Global Product Sourcing
Quick Import of products in XML/CSV from dropship & affiliate suppliers
World-Class Cloud Hosting
Unlimited scale & bandwidth on rock solid 24x7 stability - Sky is the limit
Search Engine Marketing
Optimize pages & target huge Google, Bing, Yahoo search traffic & PPC ads
Get Social ยท Go Viral
Auto-publish & viral your messages in 20+ social networks with just 1-click
Email Promotion
Engage & convert your customers with best-in-class emessaging tool & offers
Hire Affiliates
Spread-the-word like wildfire with 1000s of biz affiliates help promoting

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Blueurl Marketing Cloud

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Blueurl Services Cloud

All-in-one services on custom addons, design, build to awesome your business with all BlueMarketing & BlueCommerce features included. [ Learn More ]

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